Rotary Trimmer


Posted 8/14/21

Initial Purchase: 2/2008 at Amazon

This is the “Mother of all Paper Trimmers” (MOAPT). It’s what all paper choppers, exacto knives + ruler, and 99% of other rotary trimmers strive to be when they grow up. It always has a precise clean cut, automatically clamps down on your work when you start the cut to protect against slippage, has an adjustable guide, and can be mounted on the wall. I’ve primarily used it processing 1000’s of custom packaging inserts for past products, and building precision papercraft/chipboard models of proof-of-concepts. 

Pro Tip: The bed is steel construction which allows one to use strong neodymium magnets to position paper to be precisely cut at odd angles for custom, non-orthogonal designs.


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