Drawing-Drafting Table


Posted 8/14/21

Initial Purchase: 4/2021 at Amazon

Looking down for hours working on projects started taking a toll on my neck, so I looked around for drafting table options. Most were large, expensive monolithic setups that wouldn’t fit in the lab. Then I found this portable table which has turned into a game changer for me.

It has a large work area (21x16”), strong/rigid construction, and quickly collapses flat to be tucked away when I need the bench for other uses. Initially, I got it for documenting ideas in my notebooks (image 4), but now I use it for most bench work to keep my head position more comfortable letting me work longer. My favorite setup is for soldering (image 3). I use the panvise vacuum mount with the circuit board holder, some chipboard to protect the table surface, and set my gear on the parallel board. So much easier!


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