White Craft Paper Roll


Posted 8/14/21

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When brainstorming on a new design/concept for a product, I prefer to break out of the 8.5 x 11” box and use this. I find it easier to draw designs at a large scale so as I draw the smaller details they remain reasonably visible. I also like the completed drawing to be on a single sheet that can be taped up on the wall while I'm contemplating the concept.

In the past I tried using larger sized rolls, but found them hard to manage and was cutting them in 2-4 pieces. When the last bit ran out I got this 18” roll and found it to be a perfect balance between drawing space and roll size. As a bonus, it fits my drawing-drafting table. I cut a 16” piece off, tuck it under the parallel bar, put a couple pieces of tape on the top edges, and go. I also use it to track parts during disassembly:

  1. Cut off a piece and tape it to the bench.
  2. Remove a part off your project and place it on the paper.
  3. Circle the part, make a note if needed, and add a number indication removal order.
  4. Repeat 2-3 until done. Reverse for assembly.

Note: It works ok for basic surface protection, but for epoxy, painting and similar you’ll want something heavier. I use Butcher Paper. Amazon

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