Magic 8 Ball


Posted 7/22/22

Initial Purchase: 3/2009 at Amazon

Sometimes a design decision will present two reasonable, equal options to choose from. Either option is satisfactory, but being an engineer I prefer to strive for a direction to go based on objective data or experience. To avoid waisting time trying to find data to tip the scale one direction or the other, I ask the Magic 8 Ball a question to help decide between the two. I have a strict rule when using the 8-Ball:

You must comply with what the Magic 8 Ball decides.

I ask once and do what it says, period. Because of this, I never use it to make design-critical decisions like, "Should I use a lead-acid battery for the watch prototype?". More like things of the nature, "Should I print the housing in orange for the presentation?"

The Magic 8 Ball has a permanent place on my bench next to my digital calipers and Multimeter.

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