Hey there, nice shoes!

My name is Jeff. I'm a reasonably maintained electrical engineer/inventor with over 1500 invention and business ideas documented in my project notebooks spanning over 30 years (though about 20% of them are bad ideas). My mission is to get those ideas off paper and into your hands.

I always pause during development to admire fancy shoes.

My ideas are protected by a robot army...and a small plastic fork.

The Lab Launches.

I launched Laboratory 424 in 2007 located in Spokane, Washington USA; however, I'm always on the lookout for a lab hidden in an active volcano on a secret island.


So many inventions, so little time.

Since 2007 I've been building and selling my inventions to fund future inventing. Unfortunately, the retail side was consuming most of my time leaving little time to pursue future inventions. Time is short, so now I'm giving them away in the hope that someone can improve their lives, those around them, and perhaps the world.

The Wall Clip is my best product to date...except for the giant XJ2 Destruct-O-Bot, which I can't publicly disclose.


Using a complex, proprietary, idea selection algorithm (a Magic 8-ball), I pick an idea from my notebooks to refine into either an interactive blueprint or a final prototype with reproduction plans.

Will the Fire-Breathing-Cow Action Figure be a hit?

There are over 1500 business and invention ideas in my notebooks to choose from...and growning.


I either build a final prototype with reproduction plans for the invention, create an interactive blueprint, or put it down with fire (or water, if it's a fire idea) and try again. Some inventions will be live-streamed on Twitch, where I work with viewers to develop an idea to functional prototype.

Careful validation of each invention is very important to me. So is NOT pressing that big red button.

Streaming new inventions was a great idea. Inventing a chat-controlled robot that shoots ping pong balls probably wasn't.


When I finish a final prototype, I'll build some limited-release copies for purchase and have royalty-free reproduction plans available for those interested.

If I do not build a final prototype, I'll create an interactive blueprint with detailed commentary so you can build it yourself for fun and profit. All sprinkled with a little Lab 424 entertainment dust (comprised mostly of sand, crushed nacho chips, and some odd blue powder I picked up from an alien crash site).

I usually make at least 5 copies of a prototype to be sold in the store to help fund future inventing.

Each invention in the store will usually have some sort of serialization, and (most importantly) have "Top Secret" stamped on the box for added drama.

Some invention ideas will have an interactive blueprint with commentary to explore.

Places, spaces, and me.

Here’s some places you can find me: YouTubeTwitter, Instagram, Twitch and the eye wash station (salsa really stings).

Order questions? Business inquiries? Answers to the universe?