Impulse Sealer


Posted 8/20/21

Initial Purchase: 2/2014 at Amazon

I have used this to seal shrink wrap tubing/bags on 1000’s of products we’ve sold through the years. It’s still going strong using the original heat strip. It has a permanent place on “my favorite machines” shelf.

If you want to give your product a professional look, seal it to resist moisture/contamination, or stabilize loose parts you’ll want to shrink wrap it. I’ve found the easiest and most economical way to do this is with shrink tubing. Simply put your product in the tube, clamp down the impulse sealer on one end, and gently pull on the tube while the heat activates. The tube separates from the roll with a sealed end. Do the same for the other end then hit it with the heat gun. Bags are easier since one end is sealed, but costs more.

Pro Tips: 

  • I have it set to 6 to handle most all Poly and PVC shrink tubing/bags. 
  • If your seal tears or has holes in it then you need to adjust the heat up/down.
  • Shorten the time or greatly reduce the heat setting if you just want a seal without sheering.
  • Do this in a well ventilated area and/or wear protective gear.
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