Noise Blocking Eamuffs


Posted: July 24, 2021

Initial Purchase: 7/2013 at Amazon

I bought 2x of these. One pair stays in the laser cutter room to block out the blower and compressor (very noisy). The other pair stays in the lab for misc noisy work (sawing, drilling, compressor, etc), or if I just need a “cone of silence” to help me concentrate on a problem for a while. These are rated (NRR) at 30 dB and I find them perfect for all uses. Much better than the cheap varieties you can get for a song and dance at Home Depot, Harbor Freight, Etc.

ASIDE: I tried collapsable earmuffs but always found them uncomfortable so stuck with non-collapsable. These have a comfy suspension strap built into the adjustable band that keeps even pressure along your skull. I can wear these for hours if needed. So if you are looking for another model you might consider my experience.

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