Heat Gun


Posted 8/20/21

Initial Purchase: 1/2019 at Amazon

I purchased this mainly for shrink tubing, shrink wrap for packaging, and to preheat my 3D printer cabinet when printing ABS to avoid warping issues. It has performed flawlessly compared to others I’ve had through the years, and is used frequently.

This is the fourth heat gun I’ve owned. The first one was purchased at Harbor Freight back in 2010 and worked, but the high setting broke after a month. I never used high so pushed on with it. It died around 2018. The next one caught fire after a few months. It’s replacement lasted slightly longer until one day the “the ghost in the machine” released itself in a puff of smoke. $10 heat guns don't seem to go as far as they use to.

Buyers Tip: The heat gun (and most in fact) give off a little smoke and odor for the first 2-3 uses. This is normal as the plastic “cures” with the intense heat I suppose. So, don’t be alarmed if/when that happens, and do your first few jobs in a well ventilated area.

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