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Posted 8/14/21

Initial Purchase: 7/2014 at Amazon

You need some sort of eye protection, trust me. Goggles have protected my eyes from horrible mishaps by taking the damage instead of my eyes. I’ve used/abused lots of different goggles over the decades, and have settled on these four types depending on the task. I always keep 2x around so there is never an excuse to go without. The minute one is compromised, I buy a replacement.

  • General impact goggles, no glasses (Image 1), Amazon

I use these the most. I always keep these in places were I do risky work so there is no excuse to wear them. 2 in the lab and 2 in the shop currently.

  • General impact goggles, glasses (Image 2), Amazon

I keep 2 of these handy. I rarely wear my glasses for up close work, but alway want the option.

  • Chemical Goggles (Image 3), Amazon

When I work with solvents like acetone I use these. I like the added splash protection. These are about 99.9% better than those cheap high school chemistry variety.

  • Impact, dust, debris, sun goggles (Image 4), Amazon

If I work on a project outside I use these. This way I won't be tempted to just wear sunglasses on a sunny day.

  • Blue light blocking goggles (Image 5), Amazon

I am blue light sensitive. I use these when I work up close with RGB, ultrabright LED's.



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