Headband Magnifier


Posted: July 24, 2021

Initial Purchase: 5/2020 at Amazon

I bought these to replaced my inherited magnifiers that probably date back to the 1920's (image 2). Magnifiers are critical in the work I do: soldering, breadboard wiring, PCB inspection/debug, cleanup work on 3D printed prototypes, alien autopsies, so on. I use them nearly every day. Since I can wear them for hours at a time, comfort was the highest priority. I removed the detachable earpieces and use the headband. Comfy. Second priority was a bright light since setting up a spot lamp is rarely convenient. I use the light often and have yet to change the batteries.

IMPORTANT: My preferred work magnification on most all work is 2.5x. If you need higher magnification you’ll need to look for another brand.

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