Hard Hat


Posted: July 24, 2021

Initial Purchase: 3/2021 at Amazon

I use to have an old blue hardhat that I got second hand from a lineman after he learned I had a “close encounter” with a steel pole and my forehead while working on the property. I appreciated it, but it was uncomfortable and seemed to slip and fall off a lot when in use. Eventually I gave up using it at all.

Fast forward a decade later…after getting a minor concussion I broke down and got this one. I've been using it anytime my head might be at risk, and it has already paid for itself 1000x in Dr. visits. The adjustable suspension system is comfy and can take a hit without the head feeling it (“tested” recently, in fact). I bought the adjustable chin strap to keep the helmet on no matter what position my head is in and if there is an impact. The removable light is bright and handy. I remove it during the day to keep the weight down.

Recommended Accessories:

  • Chin Strap (Image 2),  Amazon
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