Creating new inventions for humans, robots (if they ask nicely), and a few plants.

Oh, and fuzzy animals...and perhaps Billy...if he'll wash his face more often.


custom hazard mat clean dirty sorting


Home & Garden / Safety ...
interactive cat pinball livestream system

Interactive Cat Pinball

Gaming / Pets
antimicrobial pants pockets

Antimicrobial Pockets

Clothing / Health & Fit...
Chili Feed Simulator App

Chili Feed Simulator

Apps / Fun & Fad
claymore mine bicycle fender

Claymore Bike Fender

Fun & Fad / Sports &...
on the air door open sensor alarm

On The Air

Home & Garden / Office
furry orange rug

Vegan Fur Rugs

Decor / Home & Garden
a better log medicine bottle label concept

A Better Log

Health & Fitness
Straw clip storage concept for spray cans

Straw Clip

Home & Garden
203 keyword combinations not to type into Google book concept

203 Keyword Combinations

Books / Fun & Fad
water intake band on bottle track water usage

Water Intake Band

Health & Fitness
bag of screams person screaming label

Bag of Screams

Fun & Fad
sarlacc fruit fly trap catching flying insects

Sarlacc Fruit Fly Trap

Home & Garden
hands wearing clean dirty wristbands

Clean Dirty Band

Health & Fitness
emergency lunch repair fix kit sandwiches

Emergency Lunch Repair

Food & Drink
ping pong shooting robot controlled by live-stream viewers

Follow Bot

large led pixel display controlled by live-stream chat viewers

Pixel Bot


Emoji Bot

A large number puzzle tile system for tables

Table Top Tiles

Decor / Gaming
a 3D cat maze

Cat Stack

a flat flashlight that can sit and stand at different angles


Lighting / Tools
portable theater armrest for couches

Theater Armrest

Decor / Gaming
lair flashlight holder like a torch on wall

Lair Flashlight Holder

Decor / Lighting / Tools
Rocket build kit with wine corks

Cork Rocket

Food & Drink / Rockets ...

Widget Wedgy

Computers & Devices / O...

Hand Mirror Pegs

Home & Garden

Lab Monkey

Clothing / Pets

Disc Dot


Experiment In Progress

Clothing / Sports & Rec...

Big Score


Stow Dot

Decor / Home & Garden

Panel Poster


Tool Dot


Mini Riser

Computers & Devices

Wall Clip


Disc Mount