Privacy and Security


Privacy and Security


You need your privacy, we need our privacy (to run those super-secret experiments in the lab), and spam is gross (canned or otherwise). Laboratory 424 will never share your information with anyone. We do not use spy-ware, ad-ware, pop-up ads or other intrusive advertising. We do not leverage tracking cookies nor follow you around the site. We will not send solicitations to your inbox, mailbox, nor sell your personal data. We use your information to fullfill your order requests and answer your questions, nothing more.


The Laboratory 424 site uses one cookie to determine if you have Javascript installed to enable/disable Javascript-based features across the site. The rest of the cookies on our site are used in conjunction with our Shopify store. According to Shopify, the store cookies are necessary for the store to function. If desired, feel free to review Shopify's list of cookies.


The entire Laboratory 424 website is encrypted to keep all transmissions with you confidential and secure. All purchases at the Laboratory 424 Store are secure.  Laboratory 424 does not see nor retain financial information such as credit card numbers. All credit card information is handled through Shopify and PayPal secure payment servers.