Wall Clip

Video games are awesome, but the "tangly mess" of controllers on the floor isn't. So, we created an inexpensive, easy to use device to store all our Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation controllers on walls, cabinets, or any other vertical surface.

Wall Clips
10 colors to pick from.
Only $10.95 for 4.

No more mess.

No need to store your controllers in a box, drawer, or on the floor in a heap of tangled wires. The Wall Clip securely mounts your controllers on walls, cabinets, or any other vertical surface in any arrangement you like.

Adjustable grip.

The Wall Clip is made from plastic tubing containing heavy, bendable wire that can be adjusted to fit your controller. Use the clip upright and squeeze/expand the opening to form a tight grip. Alternatively, flip the clip over and bend the legs to cradle your controller. You choose. Learn more.

Easy to use.

You don’t have to disconnect cables and neatly put controllers into their little holders like other products require. Just press the controllers into their clips and go. Time to get your game on? Simply pull the controllers out of the clips. No fussing with cables and connectors. Learn more.

Xbox, Playstation, and more.

You can shape the clip to fit your Xbox and Playstation controllers. In fact, the flexible design should be adaptable to other controllers as well. Just use a little imagination and bending muscle to fit the clip. Learn more.

Hang other controllers.

Use it to store guitar, classic, and steering controllers. Just flip the clip over, adjust the legs as needed, and hang. Learn more.

Colors too!

Flavors are always nice. Get Wall Clips in translucent, white, black, red, yellow, orange, gray, green, blue, or purple. You choose.

How to Insert and Remove Controllers

How to Fit Controllers

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