Laboratory 424 launched in 2008. We’re located in Spokane, Washington USA; however, we are always on the lookout for a lab hidden in an active volcano on a secret island.


We’re a group of reasonably maintained, serial inventors with properly combed hair and over 1000 documented ideas (though about 15% of them are probably bad ideas). Our sole mission is to get those ideas off paper and into your hands.


We build those ideas in our lab at the highest quality possible. This provides us the flexibility to build any idea we want no matter how unusual or complex (except for the 5 ideas the government says we can’t).


We inspect, package, and ship final products direct from our lab, worldwide, as fast as possible, so everyone can have one.


Using a complex, proprietary, idea selection algorithm (a Magic 8-ball), we pick another idea and repeat the process as fast as possible.

Places, spaces, and us.

Here’s some places you can find us: Etsy, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Instructables, Thingiverse, Starbucks, and the eye wash station (salsa really stings). Still not sure about us? Fair enough...check out what others are saying: Lab 424 Buzz Sheet.

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