Panel Poster

Giant posters are epic, but so are the costs. The printing, the mounting, the destruction to the wall. So we developed a technique to build and mount huge, professional-looking posters without the expense and destruction.

Panel Poster Packs
Scoring, assembly, and mounting materials.
$2.95 - $8.95.

Dice it up.

Rather than paying a premium for a single large poster, print your artwork across one or more sheets of card stock using free software. We show you how.

Small panel, big style.

Fold your flat artwork into professional, raised panels using our scoring guide and no-mess double sided tape strips.

Easy to install.

The panels are held firmly against the wall using non-permanent, double-sided adhesive foam blocks. Just stick the block to the wall and attach your panel. Learn more.

Easy to grid.

Obtain more style points (32 to be exact) by mounting your panels in an evenly-spaced grid using our Grid Guides during installation.

Easy to remove.

Made a mistake? Time to take the poster down? No problem. The foam blocks use a non-permanent, non-marking adhesive compatible with most wall surfaces. Simply peel the panel off the block and remove the block from the wall. Best of all, you can reuse the adhesive blocks for your next poster.

Go for it!

Your wall is no longer a wall, but a colossal expression of you. Cover an entire wall to transform a room. Create cool and unusual spaces. Display people, places, and art in epic proportions. Fun, awesome, no limits. Get started!

Build a Panel Poster
Install a Panel Poster
Install a Panel Poster With Grids
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