Using Disc Mounts


We designed the Disc Mount to securely attach to a metal-backed poster, with an acrylic face up to 3/32 in. thick, upside down, holding a CD. (Hey, you never know how people might attach their CDs, right?) So, the strength of these are over-kill for attaching directly to bare metal, but works great for metal covered with materials such as laminate, fabric, vinyl, acrylic, etc.

Be aware that safety is your responsibility. 


Placing and Removing

Your disc mount can stick to any metal surface that contains a significant amount of iron (galvanized steel sheet, for instance). Examples of metals that will not stick are:

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • nickel
  • titanium
  • most grades of stainless steel
  • brass

Place your disc mount on a metal surface by holding onto the outer edge of the washer while bringing it very close to the surface. Release. To remove the disc mount, grab onto the outer edge of the washer and rock it forward from one edge. (You may need fingernails to get leverage.)

Do not remove the mount by pulling on the foam hub.

(PIC 1-1)

(PIC 1-2)

(PIC 1-3)

(PIC 1-4)

Using Disc Mounts

Mounting a Disc

Align the hole on the disc with the foam hub on the disc mount. Gently push the disc so the foam hub passes through the hole and rests against the washer.

(PIC 2-1)

(PIC 2-2)

(PIC 2-3)

Removing a Disc

Using 1 hand, rest your thumb on the edge of the disc and place your index finger on the foam hub. While holding the foam hub in place, pull your thumb towards you while dragging the disc off the foam hub.

(PIC 3-1)

(PIC 3-2)

(PIC 3-3)

(PIC 3-4)


OK, now where to mount those discs? I like using posters that have been modified with a tin backing. I show you how to do that in the build, Poster Magnet Board. Otherwise, attach them to common metallic items around the house or build your own cool display. Check out our disc mount gallery for some ideas. Lots of possibilities...have fun!

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