Widget Wedgy


December 21, 2018

I wanted to keep my electronic devices off the surface of the workbench to protect them from debris, alien autopsy fluids, and delicious sauces. So I came up with this idea to elevate them to safety and still have the flexibility to move and rotate them around the workspace as needed.

Invention idea #01031.2 pulled from my notebooks to share.

Final prototype designed and built on Twitch.

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Overview of the concept:


The video and audio commentary cover this idea nicely, so I’ll keep additional commentary short. A couple of notes:

  • The larger the wedge diameter, the more stable it is during rotation and sliding. The version I made was sized to fit a wide span of devices (mostly phones). A custom version to fit a particular device is going to perform better.
  • An interesting extension to this idea is to add custom top profiles that insert into the top face to hold special devices and objects (EG: Game controllers). By using the swappable insert methodology, the Widget Wedgy now has multiple uses.  Opens up a lot of possibilities. 


NOTE: For Ref3-4 you can buy "by the pad" to get the better adhesive for far less upfront investment. Great option if you are just building for yourself or a small run. If doing volume and need higher margins, get them by the roll.

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