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November 16, 2009

Video games are awesome but tossing your controllers on tables, drawers, or floors isn’t. So we created a universal, easy to use mount to store nearly any video game controller on walls and other vertical surfaces in any arrangement desired.

10 Colors to choose from. $15.95 for 4.

Retired as of 9/1/2021.


However, here is a third party manufacturer selling something similar.

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Control the controllers.

There’s no need to heap your game controllers in a box, drawer, or on a table. The Wall Clip securely mounts your controllers on walls, cabinet, or other vertical surfaces in any arrangement you want. Organized, easy to access, and looks pretty darn cool.



Keep controllers tidy and easy to access.

The only game controller mount you need.

The Wall Clip’s unique 2-position, 4-point design is made from plastic tubing containing heavy, bendable wire that is adjusted to fit your controller. Use the clip upright and squeeze/expand the opening to form a tight grip. Alternatively, flip the clip over and bend the legs to cradle your controller. Adding or upgrading controllers? Simply modify the Wall Clip to fit. Learn more.


The Wall Clip can be adjusted to fit your controller.

Easy to use.

Install the Wall Clip, fit it to your controller, and mount. There’s no bulky racks or controller-specific holders to deal with. There's no need to disconnect cables to put controllers away like other products require. Just press/drop the controller into the clip and go. Time to get your game on? Simply pull the controller out of the clip. Learn more.


Ease of use encourages controllers to be put away in their clips.

Store all controllers.

The flexible design lets you shape Wall Clips to fit most all controllers. Xbox, PlayStation, Wii? Yes. Retro and classic controllers you grew up with? Yes. Guitars, steering wheels, guns and other special purpose controllers? Yes. The X2B3-ALPHAWAVE-MEGATWITCHER. No. (It’s outlawed in 13 solar systems anyway.) Learn more.


We have yet to find a game controller that cannot be mounted with the Wall Clip.


Flavors are always nice. Get Wall Clips in translucent, white, black, red, yellow, orange, gray, green, blue, or purple. You choose.


10 colors to choose from.

Wall Clip Gallery

See more pictures in the Wall Clip Gallery.


Wall Clips can be fitted to nearly any game controller.

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