Table Top Tiles


January 25, 2019

I remember idling my time away with those number slide puzzles (they were like prehistoric gameboys). After finding my puzzle in the bottom of a drawer I though it would be neat to expand the concept beyond the pocket.

Invention idea #02103.1 pulled from my notebooks to share.

In Development: Prototype 1

Final Release 25%

Reproduction plans (CC BY-SA) and limited release prototypes will be available after final.

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Big, really big.

Idea was to take the small number slide puzzle and make a system that lets you add any tiles you want at any size. It would have to be modular, expandable, and provide easy installation into table tops and other flat surfaces.


Design notes on each version. Select a tab to learn more.

Last updated: October, 2022


  1. Fix the track and corners bugs. Improve modularity.
  2. Implement table integration system so can be built into tables as well as on top.
  3. Visit tile base and see if can built better mounting solution and avoid overhangs.
  4. Make a version using off-the-shelf tiles from a big box store.
  5. Make a version using 3D printed geometry.


I worked together with my Twitch viewers to create a robust tile base, and we also came up with cool ideas expanding beyond the basic number tile system. 



  • I created a modular track to guide and contain the tiles (shown in the main picture at the top of this page). 
  • 3D printed tile bases require a little bit of support which is not ideal. Other than that, they work nicely.
  • Track corners need to be reworked. Dovetail fits poorly and doesn't work in opposite corners.
  • Used 2x2" laser-cut acrylic squares for face but design can expand to any size/material.

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