3-D Papercraft Terrains: Minecraft Style


August 30, 2012

Some gamers need a Railgun, others choose an M1A1, most seem to desire an Energy Sword...but what we need is a pickaxe! That's right, our current favorite diversion from lab work is Minecraft. We didn't want the fun to stop on the screen, so we created giant, 3-D, papercraft Minecraft terrains on our walls and show you how to build your own.

Panel Poster Starter Packs. Scoring, assembly, and mounting materials to build your own Minecraft terrains. $8.95.

Retired as of 1/1/2019.

Paper block panels.

Derived from our panel posters, these paper blocks are perfect for creating large, custom, Minecraft artwork on your walls.



Each block is 2 x 2 x 0.5 inches. The backside is hollow for easy installation.

Mine your blocks.

Much easier than using a pickaxe. Simply download our free Minecraft block templates, print, and build as many as needed. We show you how.


The templates have 6 blocks per page, are easy on ink, and fast to score.

Easy to install.

Installation is fast and non-destructive using our non-permanent, removable adhesive blocks. Best of all, they are reusable allowing you to make changes as needed.


Simply place the adhesive block, remove the backing and stick it onto the block.

Behold the landscapes!

Use the modular blocks to build your favorite terrains. Make them small, large, or go massive! Sigh…so many blocks, so few walls.


This design is 568 block covering 72 x 53 inches (183 x 135 cm).

Moving mountains!

Ready to move to a different climate, or perhaps add a bit of water to your environment? No problem. Simply tear it down, add, remove, rearrange as desired. Enjoy! Build your own 3-D Papercraft Minecraft Terrains.



This is no longer a boring corner. Awesome!

Turn any room into a Minecraft paradise.

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