Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board


November 17, 2010

After playing with high voltage, caustic chemicals, and overcooked burritos we like to take a break and play with...paper. One of our favorite papercraft sites is Cubeecraft which has an awesome collection of papercraft fan art. We combine Cubeecraft artwork, some magnets, and a poster magnet board to make a large, 3-D, reconfigurable, Super Mario magnet board.

Build your own for fun!

Poster Frame and metal.

Using an ordinary poster frame and a sheet of thin metal, build your own poster magnet board with a Super Mario background. Learn more.



A 24 x 36 inch poster frame with metal backing.

Magnets and Paper.

Download and build free Super Mario papercraft from Cubeecraft, and place magnets inside each piece so they stick to metal surfaces.


All you need is scissors, glue, and magnets to make magic happen.


Stick your Super Mario blocks on the background to create your favorite levels.


Build any scene desired.


Time to level up? No problem. Simply rebuild the scene as desired. The magnetic design lets you change the scene as often as you like.


The magnetized blocks let you disable gravity during your work. Fun!


Create never seen before levels. Add new characters, action sequences, and more. Have fun with it! Build your own Super Mario magnet board.


This would be a difficult level.

A custom magnet board + Super Mario papercraft blocks = Awesomeness.

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