Lab Monkey


October 21, 2015

Beware the lab monkey. Praise the lab monkey. A graphic we came up with to pay tribute to the "lab monkey" inside us all (I'm looking at you Billy!).

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Ode to Lab Monkey

Transfixed, your eyes twitch in the glow of the bunsen burner's light.
The foam precisely collects in the corner of your mouth.
Conduit of chaos, deployer of fire, biter of ankles.
Experiment distruptor, creator of pungent yet salty smells...

Running to our aid with tools, helping hands, an extra tissue.
Wielding a fire extinguisher like a boss. Pushing "The Button" if required.
Tireless, dedicated, the last one standing during an evac...

Though your mixed drinks are off-flavor and donuts you share half-chewed, you mean the world to us.
Let us hug you gently, with protective gear and without direct eye contact, to show how we appreciate all that you are.
For without you we are forever lost on the road to scientific discovery. (He took the GPS...again.)

Beware the lab monkey. Praise the lab monkey.



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