January 14, 2019

During a major power outage in the lab I idled my time away reading Flatland by flashlight. When the lights came back on this idea manifested in my head.

Invention idea #04008.2 pulled from my notebooks to share.

In Development: Prototype 1

Final Release 15%

Reproduction plans (CC BY-SA) and limited release prototypes will be available after final.

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Idea was to make a bright flashlight that was as flat as possible. It should fit standard batteries, fit comfortably in a hand, and allow for different positioning to take full advantage of it's geometry.


Design notes on each version. Select a tab to learn more.

Last updated: October, 2022


  1. Use lower voltage LED's. 5-8V. Probably not strip lights; rather, discrete LED's in custom PCB.
  2. Design 3D printed housing.
  3. PWM circuit to save power?
  4. Need voltage converter for LEDs.
  5. Battery control module if using rechargables. 


I worked together with my Twitch viewers to evolve the flatlight into a more resonable size and work with AA batteries. We designed it to use off-the-shelf LED strip lights to make assembly fast and simple.


The geometry is designed to allow different hands-free positions and mounting.


  • I used a 12v LED strip which puts off a lot of light.
  • The width of the flatlight is based on AA battery width. This is a good width for holding and setting on end.
  • AA batteries are a bit limiting so consider going with rechargeable battery packs with battery management. (2S)
  • The angle on the back is not positioned correctly for projecting light at a comfortable angle and causes issue with standing upright.
  • Not sure about mounting hole idea. Stick with it if considering wireless charging; otherwise might go with magnetic mounting.
  • Consider putting button on side instead of top edge. Easier to use when on wall and reasonable to press when held.

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