Experiment In Progress


November 2, 2014

Face it, we are all part of one big experiment. Mastery of any skill takes time and some level of injury. We came up with this graphic series to celebrate your quest to be awesome at something...and all the pain getting there.

Experiment in Progress Series. Get them on shirts and stickers.

You ARE the experiment!

At least that's what my parents always said to me. Seriously though, you are going to be awesome at something at some point...it takes time, there are missteps, injuries, occasional explosions...but you'll get there. I know, I know...people aren't too sure what is up with you right now, so why not shine some light on their curiosity? More.


You are the master experiment, so display it proudly wherever you go.

Jet Pack.

Yes, we know you have a jet pack...or you want one really, really bad. If you’re going up you better let everyone know to stand clear, hold their hats, and grab their ankles (we heard that helps). More.


Perfect for jet pack owners...all three of them.


You play a mean guitar. Or, uh...you’re good at Guitar Hero anyway. Or maybe not. Better let people know you’re a guitar genius in the making and to disregard the “learning” in between. More.


Guitar mastery in progress.


Insane, experimental skateboarding in progress! We’ve seen physics-defying stunts from skateboarders, and I’m sure there is more coming down the pipe (pun intended). Let everyone know to keep watching. More.


Skateboard mastery in progress.


Ah! You are mastering the most popular sport in the world (next to Scrabble and Bike Jousting of course). Run fast, master those bicycle and scissor kicks, and stay out of the 18-yard box (unless absolutely necessary). Let the crowd know that you are a soccer star in the making. More.


Soccer mastery in progress.


Basketball is challenging. Nailing those 30 foot jump shots, slam dunking with flare, dribbling and running at the same time. All that while trying to keep your hair looking nice and facing teams that are 1-2 feet taller than you. Keep on practicing. Someday you’ll be a beast on the court. More.


Basketball mastery in progress.


Dive, slide, roll! You are a volleyball machine. Or you’d like to be one. Or maybe you’d like a machine that plays volleyball. All we know is something regarding volleyball is going on there and it will be awesome. Let spectators know to expect the unexpected. More.


Volleyball mastery in progress.


You're getting faster, stronger, better...or you're just running...from people, animals, plants, or robots. Whatever the case, let people know to clear a path for you. More.


Running mastery in progress.


Push that speed envelope, jump that ravine, do that immortal handlebar stunt. Just make sure you wear your skid-lid and this shirt so everyone will stand clear. More.


Biking mastery in progress.


The power, the sweat, the...pain. Weightlifting is definitely an experimental process. Transmogrifying you into some sort of rippling, super-human, nerd-frightening beast. You must warn people for their own safety. More.


Weightlifting mastery in progress.

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