Disc Mount


March 8, 2007

We constantly ran into a CD scatter problem in our gaming area. Storage systems never worked for us, so we created a small, magnetic holder to organize and display CDs any way we wanted.

Build your own for fun and profit.

A messy situation.

CD and DVD organizer systems are great if you have the time and discipline to put those discs back. But who does? Gaming sessions leave CDs scattered all over the place. Music areas devolve into leaning towers of CDs. And those software install CDs were lost long ago.

Oh the horror!

No cases and organizers.

The disc mount has a strong magnet built into it enabling you to place a CD or DVD directly on metal surfaces. There’s no case or organizer system to fuss with. Just place the mount where you want it, pop the CD on, and arrange as desired. Need your CD? Just pop it off the mount. Simple. Learn more.


No worries. Each magnet has 2.2 lbs of pull and the foam hub tightly grips the CD.

No storage limits.

Store CDs and DVDs on metal objects around the home and office. Put them on metal artwork on the wall or create your own. Best of all, nothing is permanent. Change your metal display area, add, remove, and rearrange your CDs as needed. Learn more.


The Disc Mount isn't permanent, so you are free to experiment with your storage ideas.

Easy and convenient.

Keep your CDs in plain sight right where you need them. Put disc mounts in your game area, office, video, and music centers. Easy to find, convenient to store, and looks darn cool.


Having CDs easy to access by the console encourages putting them back when done.

Organize your way.

With some metal and ingenuity you can create the ultimate storage and display solution for your CDs. Find an unusual metal object or create your own. Thin metal strapping makes dramatic lines on the wall. Metal tubing provides interesting vertical storage solutions. Create a poster magnet board with a thin sheet of metal taped behind a frame. Blend art and function. You’re limited only by your imagination.


A poster frame with thin sheet metal taped behind it makes a great reconfigurable storage solution.

Disc Mount Gallery

See more pictures in the Disc Mount Gallery.

Store discs on metal surfaces. Arrange as desired.

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