Disc Dot


November 17, 2014

Sigh…game disc scatter is like a bad rash that keeps coming back (scratch, scratch). We’ve suppressed it at times using the Disc Mount, but the concept needed to evolve to store discs anywhere. So we created the Disc Dot. Stick it on any flat surface to reign in the scatter (no ointment required).

Disc Dots. 2 Colors to choose from. $10.95 for 20.

Retired as of 1/1/2019.

The world's smallest disc storage solution.

A 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) plastic rim with a foam hub that lets you store discs on walls, cabinets, or other flat surfaces.


A foam hub with a non-marking nylon disc backed with non-permanent adhesive.

A simple, reliable design.

The foam hub tightly grips your disc while the plastic rim prevents it from touching the surface. Everything is held in place with strong, long-lasting, removable adhesive.


No worries. The adhesive can hold up to 0.75 lbs and the foam hub tightly grips the disc.

Easy to install and remove.

Clean the surface, peel off the adhesive backing, press firmly onto the wall for 10 seconds, mount your disc. All done with the dot? Disc Dots use non-permanent adhesive. Simply peel it off the wall. Learn more.


Simply peel and stick them where needed.

Easy to use.

There's no case or organizer to fuss with. Just press the disc onto the foam hub to store out of harms way. Game on? Simply pop the disc off the dot and start wreaking havoc on your friends. Learn more.


Having discs easy to access by the console encourages putting them back when done.

Use it where you need it.

Stick Disc Dots where you need them the most in any arrangement desired. The convenience encourages discs to be put away, and easily found when it’s time to play. Rejoice!


Not only does the Disc Dot make it easy to store and retrieve your discs, it also is a great way to display your games.

Store game discs nearly anywhere they are needed.

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