Cork Rocket


December 23, 2018

Drink wine, build rockets. Well...It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Invention idea #01076.3 pulled from my notebooks to share.

In Development: Prototype 2

Final Release 80%

Reproduction plans (CC BY-SA) and limited release prototypes will be available after final.

It's a Rocket Party.

Idea was to combine used wine corks with plastic rocket bits to create a party activity that you never knew you needed (perhaps you still don't). The construction system needs to work with a variety of cork sizes and have enough variety to allow for creative expression.


Design notes on each version. Select a tab to learn more.

Last updated: October, 2022


  1. Print in PLA and PETG and test fit with those materials. Adjust as needed to work with most materials.
  2. Finish last 3 parts.
  3. Locate product packaging and build label concept.


I worked together with my Twitch viewers to design each of the rockets parts we thought should go into the kit. The trickiest part was how to couple the corks together since cork diameters can vary dramatically, We prevailed and are working on the last two parts of the system.



  • Built with 3D printed abs.
  • Used various corks: natural, unnatural, used, new.
  • Coupling structure seems to work with most all corks.
  • Designed couplers (1x - 3x), nose cone, various fins, and nozzle so far.

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