Stow Dot Gallery


Emergency Bling

Emergency bling access points are critical to making sure you look good all the time under any circumstances. Hair caught on fire? No worries. Hit the "E-Bling" station and you'll look good as new (minus hair of course). The easy-to-install, non-permanent adhesive Stow Dots make it easy to set these up wherever we need them. (We actually have more E-Bling stations than fire extinguishers now.) (PIC 1-1)

Want your own E-Bling station? Download the PDF here. You cut, build and install it just like a panel poster panel as shown in the Panel Poster Build Guide. A precaution to consider when setting up your E-bling station...

It's best to have no more than 3 items to choose from at an E-bling station. Remember, it's an emergency, decisions must be quick. Sometimes made within seconds. That's why they don't offer different colors of axes in those "emergency boxes". Consider this scenario:

"Fade in from black…Zombies approach…"

You: Get an axe from the emergency box!

Friend: Which one?

You: How about the traditional red one?

Friend: I don't know, the yellow one is nice.

You: Though the black one is more menacing.

Friend: Oooooh, love the one with the chrome handle!

You: Actually the white one is…

Friend: Screams as Zombies strike…

You: Didn't fair much better than friend.

"Fade to black."


(PIC 1-1)


Stow Dots were developed primarily to hold those awkward, stringy things we own. Earbuds were at the top of the list. Jam those into your pocket and Chaos Theory dictates that you'll have at least 3 Overhand knots, 2 Stevedore's knots, and if you are really unlucky, a Midshipman's hitch. Its best to hang those earbuds up when you're not using them. (PIC 1-2)

(PIC 1-2)


This headset was tossed by the phone when not in use, creating a mess. The Mirrored Stow Dot not only cleaned up the desk and made it quick to access, but also lets one nonchalantly check if the boss is sneaking up on you. Bonus. (PIC 1-3)

(PIC 1-3)


The Stow Dot is perfect for jewelry (unless you tend to wear those 2.5 lb (1.1 kg) chains). Easy to install, easy to expand after you're showered with gifts, and even easier to see what options you've got for the day. Plus it looks darn cool on display. (PIC 1-4)

(PIC 1-4)

Other Goodies

Use Stow Dots to stash keys, goggles, and more. We needed to get that stuff off people and keep those things safe and organized. It's interesting to see what people tote around. And in the case of lab minion #275, a bit unsettling. (PIC 1-5)

(PIC 1-5)

Sprinkles of Color

Color is nice. Stow Dots store your stuff and add cool, colored patterns to your walls. (PIC 1-6)

(PIC 1-6)

Easy Access

Stow Dots can be used for more than just bling. Make frequently used items easy to access, and keep them organized. (PIC 1-7)

(PIC 1-7)


We have more of these than anything else in the lab (Nerf darts are an exception). They were in a drawer, and I cannot find the words to express how painful it was to get a cable from that drawer (Oh, the horror!). Stow Dots eliminated the mess, and now the healing can begin (left eye twitches). (PIC 1-8)

(PIC 1-8)

Beyond The Dot

With a little imagination you can use Stow Dots to create your own organization solution. (PIC 1-9)

(PIC 1-9)

Where Needed

The non-permanent adhesive backing on Stow Dots makes it a no-brainer to put them right where you need them the most. (PIC 1-10)

(PIC 1-10)