Emergency Lunch Repair


August 24, 2021

Standard, bulk condiment packets repackaged into convenient "combo" packs with a fun and tasty marketing touch.

Invention idea #01126.1 pulled from my notebooks to share.

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Overview of the concept:

This idea is essentially remarketing/repackaging condiment packets into combo packs for resale. The marketing pushes it as a “lunch repair kit” to make it fun and interesting and should appeal to kids. It has a low barrier to entry and would be reasonable to sell both on Amazon via FBA and point-of-sale racks at grocery/convenience stores. 

Combo Ideas:

  • SWEET: Honey, sugar, frosting...
  • SPICE: Salt, pepper, garlic...
  • HOT: Tobasco, Sriracha, Habanero...
  • SAUCE: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Relish...
  • ETHNIC: Asian, Mexican, Indian...
  • BBQ
  • VEGAN: Have combos (EG: Sauce) for vegans
  • So on...



  • Bulk condiment packets from restaurant suppliers. [Ref1]
  • Metalized, food-grade, heat sealable bags either printed or stickers [Ref2, Ref3, Ref4]
  • Wholesale display or bin box & shrink wrap. [Ref5, Ref6, Ref7]
  • Ship containers to hold multiple wholesale boxes. [Ref8]


  • Impulse sealer for bags [Ref9]
  • Hot air gun for shrink wrap [Ref10]


  1. Apply stickers to bags if not preprinted.
  2. Pack condiment packets into bags and heat seal.
  3. Pack wholesale boxes with lunch repair kit combos and shrink wrap.

The low barrier to entry means you’ll want to put extra effort to stylize the graphics on the packaging and sort out a clever name to grab your market recognition early on. 


  • For prototyping, if you don't want to drive to various fast-food establishments, you can quickly get a variety on Amazon.
  • If you want to skip hiring a graphic designer and like the simple 2-color generic look I drew, check out freesvg.org for possible graphics that you can modify without licensing issues.
  • Regarding the “Sell customizable Empty Bags Idea”, metalized bags can be easily marked without damage using a standard ballpoint pen. Both blue and black show up nicely on silvered bags, but you could opt to print a white square for the name area.
  • If you cannot find “tearable” bags, you can make your own using a hole punch. (See below.) It’s a bit more labor intensive, but gets the job done. If you like this, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to build a dual hole punch for the bags by modding a couple of punches with some alignment guides and a bar to actuate the punch.
  • It goes without saying (even though I’m about to say it), when packaging, keep the surface, environment, and humans clean. Gloves, hairnets, sanitized surface, sealed tubs for packets, packaging, and final products, etc. Pro-Tip: If you are not working in a "clean-room-ish" environment, use compressed air or an air pump (like those used in large fish tanks) to remove dust and hair from package surfaces before final packing. Plastic packaging tends to attract such things. When I release my inexpensive table-top "Clean Box" idea you can build one of those to package products in.

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