Chili Feed Simulator


January 5, 2022

An online sound generator series concept for odd, uncomfortable, and perhaps provocative scenarios. Designed to generate media/social attention, scalable profit model, and most certainly produce scarring mental imagery. (Your welcome AMHCA.)

Invention idea #03147.1 pulled from my notebooks to share.

Build it for fun & profit.

Explore the interactive blueprint.

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Overview of the concept:

As I mentioned in the commentary, the Chili Feed idea is really just a starting point for what can be all sorts of spin-off scenarios. Sound generators are not new, but generators for more "colorful" topics are. Here are a couple to review:

Many simulators can be spawned across different subjects. That is, subjects (in my mind) are collections of sound effects for a niche. The collection could be a thing like animal noises or a situation like a party. I visualize the background environment track collection could be the same across all simulators, only the subject collection changes to let users focus on a niche. The "mash-ups" people create would be interesting and fun.


  • I'd try to keep the generator as random as possible when dealing with sound placement and timing, but add controls for the randomness (EG: seed, amplitude, selection curve, etc). This makes every generation of the track unique with unexpected results. 
  • Using a collections of sounds in a category to randomly pull from would also add additional variance.
  • Sadly, I did not find a good open source code library to get you started. I mostly found tone generators. If anyone knows of any, or wants to take a dive to find some code treasures please let me know.


  • I like the sharing model Giphy uses. Helps organically propagate the site content. 
  • I'd consider subscriptions being simple and cheap as dirt (though lately dirt seems pricey...I digress). Consider 1 years access for $5-12. Paypal or even something like BAT (Basic Attention Tokens).
  • If you like the video clip idea I mentioned, take a look at the Shia Labeouf Just Do It meme/campaign, etc. It was brilliant and generated 1000's of mashups of his green screen original. (I think it was a collage project of some sort...not sure). Same thing could be done with a clip that people swap in their own audio tracks made by the generator. Ideally it would be edited on the site/app to avoid people mixing their own sounds off-site.

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