Antimicrobial Pockets


February 3, 2022

A simple pants modification to help fight the onslaught of microbes that collect on your goodies. Concept is easy to swap into existing pants manufacturing flows, or start your own "Antimicrobial Enhanced Pants" business by modding existing pants.

Invention idea #03021.1 pulled from my notebooks to share.

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I initially thought of doing clothing lines using antimicrobial fabric, but realized quickly that would be expensive and risky (finicky and crowded market). Then it dawned on me that we only really need to focus on the source of the most dirty part of the clothes, pockets. Easy to bolt on since it is usually a functional/unseen part, lets you piggyback on popular brands, and keeps cost low. Win, win, win.

I'd recommend starting with kid's pants to test things out. Cheaper stock (usually), less fabric needed, less sewing, and selling a product to over-protective parents is usually a win.  Been there, done that.


  • I’d stick with white antimicrobial fabric to save on cost and easy to find.
  • Pay attention to what antimicrobial agents are use in the fabric since the agent (coatings vs baked into fibers) will determine the effectiveness and longevity.
  • Keep in mind antimicrobial fabrics primarily target bacteria and fungi and probably are not as effective on viruses. So don’t say it kills Covid 19 (for instance) unless you have the scientific study to back it. (One study said it was only somewhat effective on flu viruses).


  • Front pockets will be easier to modify than back pockets. Start with front. (Back pockets are usually the same material as the pants which will be harder to source and match.)
  • You probably aren’t going to find patterns you can purchase for brandname pants, so start by removing the pocket from an existing pair of pants to use as a template.
  • There's plenty of info on sewing pockets. I like this one though since you are transplanting from scratch. Gives you an idea of complexity.


  • It's an interesting Etsy (or similar) store offering. Buy pants in bulk at discount, swap out the pockets. Resell at a profit. Now people can get their favorite pants with added protection.
  • Add your own promo hang tag to voice the benefit in case it's given as a gift to someone:

"Antimicrobial Enhanced Pockets. Cleans your widgets and hands (doesn’t work on minds…see your therapist.)"

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