A Better Log


November 6, 2021

A diarrhea/constipation medication branding concept that uses simple, "matter of fact" marketing imagery to exhibit it's benefits, and encourage discussion of the product in the media/public to organically build recognition and market share.

Invention idea #03155.1 pulled from my notebooks to share.

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The "A" in the name is important since it works nicely in conversations...

Billy: "Sorry, I can't come over today, I ate at Panda Express last night and now I have intestinal issues.

Sally: "Oh, you just need "A Better Log" and you'll be fine."

I approach customer service at Walmart...

Me: "Hello, do you have "A Better Log"?"

Setting aside all the provocative imagery this idea created, it's a good example how I think branding should work. Less obscure naming/branding and more focused on what it's used for. With a little finessing you can make it something people would talk about helping to spread the word with little or no paid advertising. You'll see this a lot in the inventions/ideas I release here.

The downside to this is the name would be difficult to trademark, so you'll need to focus on the graphical design of the label and company name to help protect the product if desired.

I suppose the branding could work for a logging/firewood/tree service. I imagine with the right graphic mix on the side of the truck it could be a name people will remember. 

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