Tool Dot ™

We grew tired of the "Tool Drawer of Doom" gobbling up just the tool we needed at the moment we needed it. So we created a tiny, powerful, magnetic tool holder to store tools on walls and other vertical surfaces any way we wanted.

Tool Dot ™
3 colors to pick from.
Only $12.95 for 12.


1/2 inch (1.27 cm) in diameter to be exact. The Tool Dot is designed to hold tools and other metal objects on walls without all those bulky racks, hooks, and shelves.


Each Tool Dot can hold up to 1/2 lb (0.23 kg)! A strong adhesive backing locks the dot to the wall, and a powerful magnet covered with a tough, rubbery, bumper holds the tool nicely in place. Learn more.


Want more storage? Add more dots. Want to hold heavier things? Add more dots. Learn more

Easy to install.

Clean the wall, peel off the backing, press firmly onto the wall for 10 seconds, hang your tool, done. Learn more

Master your toolspace...

Keep those critical tools right in front of your workspace. Easy to find, fast to put back, arranged as desired.

...and your labspace.

As your number of tools grow, so does your storage. Tool Dots allow for quick expansion so you can open up those bench tops and drawers for other things (like tasty snacks).

Tools and more.

You're not limited to metal tools. Hang keys so they are easy to find and store. Add a metal ring to a flashlight to keep it handy. Hang non-magnetic stuff by attaching a metal washer to the back. So many possibilities, so few walls.


Get Tool Dots in tool-like colors: black, white, and clear.

Installing a Tool Dot ™

Using Tool Dots ™

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